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Alliant Energy Jobs: Availability, Salaries, & More

When it comes time to find a job, there are many questions that must be asked before beginning, with the industry we prefer to find work in being a leading question. Given the ongoing growth of the global population, energy use is on the rise, and so are energy jobs. Quite a few jobs and careers are emerging in energy whether traditional or emerging fields such as renewable energy. In this article, we’ll explore available Alliant Energy jobs to see the benefits available for employees, and the various positions that are open.

Alliant Energy

Alliant Energy is committed to their mission “To deliver the energy solutions and exceptional service that our customers and communities count on—safely, efficiently, and responsibly.” The company provides electric and natural gas services to customers and communities throughout the states of Iowa and Wisconsin. The organization supports over 962,000 electric customers, had over $3.4 billion in operating revenue in 2017, and is staffed by some 3,989 employees. As the company grows, more employees are naturally needed, and we’ll explore some of those positions below.

The headquarters are in Madison, Wisconsin, and so it is likely that if you are looking for a corporate office job with Alliant Energy, it will be in Madison. The support services for Alliant Energy are provided through Alliant Energy Corporate Services, Inc. which supports the company’s administrative, strategic, legal, regulatory, IT, safety management, and other key areas.

The almost million customers of the company, however, are spread across the state, and thus customer service locations, technicians, and other positions abound throughout the two states.

Alliant Energy Jobs

The company is seeking to achieve optimal growth while also upgrading and modernizing their organization and fleet on an ongoing basis, leading to the ongoing creation of many Alliant Energy jobs, such as those explored in the following section. To support career development at Alliant Energy, there are internships and professional development programs, besides partnerships with technical colleges. By partnering with technical colleges, Alliant Energy helps prospective employees simultaneously develop the education and company connection they need to begin their career.

Job Availability

As noted above, Alliant Energy jobs are experiencing growth as the company likewise expands. At the current time, there are dozens of jobs at Alliant Energy listed on The jobs vary in terms of the position, payment, and demands placed upon the employee or intern, as discussed further below.

Positions and Salary

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Intern in Project Management

One of the entry-level positions available at Alliant Energy is that of the intern in project management, in Madison, Wisconsin. The job requires a dynamic self-starter and go-getter who will assist project managers in medium to large IT construction projects, in addition to developing project management artifacts such as a project charter, project schedules, or risk matrices. The internship presents the exposure to change management support, maintaining Microsoft Project schedules and tracking time, alongside cost and scope.

Select interns in this role may also be given the opportunity to be assigned to small projects, providing the experience of running through project life cycles. This entails experiencing and learning about initiation, planning, execution, monitoring and control, and closeout. For this work, not only does the intern get valuable experience and professional inroads to a job, but they are paid $17 to $21.50 per hour. These are temporary, full-time positions running from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday.

Manager in the Tax Department

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The manager in the tax department is one of the Alliant Energy jobs that has the most attractive combination of compensation and benefits. The job responsibilities include the administration of consolidated tax compliance including timely estimated tax preparation and the timely filing and preparation of domestic income tax returns. Tax research projects are managed or performed. Five years of technical and/or professional experience are required in addition to a 4-year degree from an accredited college or university, with a focus on accounting.

Not only must the prospective tax manager have a 4-year degree and 5 years experience (or 9 years experience in lieu of a degree), the prospect must also be an active domestic Certified Public Accountant (CPA) or have a Juris Doctor (JD) degree. Additionally, 3 years of management experience are required of any potential tax manager at Alliant Energy.

The estimated salary of the manager position in the tax department of Alliant Energy is around $103,000 annually, according to Glassdoor estimates based upon reports by current and former employees. Alliant Energy states that the position also includes outstanding benefits, a commitment to career growth and development, and an excellent team of tax professionals to work with.

Internal Auditor II

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To explore a higher-level job at Alliant Energy, we’ll look to the internal auditor II, available in Madison. The internal auditor II assists senior auditors in complex operational, compliance, and financial audits under internal auditing standards. The role also requires the performance of research, the reviewing of transactions, documents, and records, and following up on management actions plans. Internal controls to ensure compliance with the Sarbanes-Oxley Section 404 (SOX) are also included in the demands of the position.

While this position is of a higher level of authority than the two explored above, the pay is closer to the intern, paying a Glassdoor-estimated $81,000 annually. However, a distinction between this position and the internship is the provision of benefits.

Field Engineering Specialist

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The field engineering specialist is the worker on the ground, handling routine customer inquiries and engineering detail using standard operating procedures. These include tariff application, extension rules and agreements, service rules, code requirements, service entrance, and metering requirements. They perform a variety of fieldwork including but not limited to locating and sizing services, distribution easements, load determination, staking, and survey work of moderate difficulty. Field checks, licenses, joint-use applications, and other regulatory requirements are also necessary.

The average salary of the field engineering specialist, according to Glassdoor estimates, is $67,000, making it one of the more moderately paying Alliant Energy jobs we’ve reviewed. As with the other salaried positions, Alliant claims to offer outstanding benefits.

Benefits of Working for Alliant

The choice of where to work depends upon a combination of the essential factors of hourly pay or salary, and the associated benefits. A position with a high hourly wage but without benefits and a limited number of hours can be less advantageous than a job with a lower hourly wage yet with full benefits and retirement. Through an assessment of our financial goals and current status, we are better able to decide what type of employment is most beneficial to us. At Alliant Energy, the benefits are many, beginning with competitive pay.

Being paid well and competitively is an important feature of any job although further benefits are important. Alliant Energy jobs include the added benefit of a 401k match, 70% tuition reimbursement, adoption assistance, and others not clarified on their website but available upon further inspection or an application for an available position. An additional benefit presented by working at Alliant Energy is the location. The Midwest has several advantages to the region, including affordable housing, a laid-back lifestyle, and a high-quality education system.

Career Programs

In addition to offering competitive pay and benefits, Alliant Energy jobs also include career programs that support their employees’ professional development. To help students get a foothold in the professional world and to gain experience, there is an internship program through which internships are offered for a variety of majors including everything from accounting to environmental services. The rotational engineer program gives the engineer the opportunity to experience different roles and responsibilities in a variety of engineering departments before deciding upon one particular pursuit.

The ability of engineers to work at various areas of the company before committing to a particular pursuit leads to a higher level of fit between the employee and the role, and ultimately higher productivity for Alliant Energy. A paid apprenticeship program is also offered to individuals who are interested in gaining the training they need to fill one of the many skilled technical positions available at Alliant Energy. For those who have served our country, the veteran job match helps link military job code experience with great careers at Alliant Energy.


Working at Alliant Energy can be a valuable and beneficial experience given the benefits, prospect for 70% tuition reimbursement, and the career support development offered by the company. With interns starting at $17 hourly, which equates to over $30,000 annually, even the lowest levels of jobs at Alliant Energy can be better paying than the competition, as interns often are unpaid. Managers in the compliance department earning $80,000 and more is common, while tax managers earn over $100,000.

With a 401k match for salaried employees and competitive benefits, Alliant Energy is a fine company to apply for if you’re looking for work in the energy industry.

For ongoing updates and articles on sustainable jobs in the energy industry, check back to the Energy Job Blog.

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