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NV Energy Jobs: Availability, Salaries, & More

One key to finding a great job is to find one in a growth industry. In fact, it’s easier to build a career in a sector of the economy that’s booming as opposed to one in an industry that is fading. Have you considered a career in the energy sector? If not, we have some news that might sway you in that direction. Careers in energy production are plentiful and offer the chance to work with innovative technologies in a market that touches everyone’s life. NV Energy jobs fit the bill, as they offer a wide career choice for people with diverse experience and educational backgrounds.

NV Energy jobs offer career choices for professionals with advanced degrees, hands-on jobs for technicians, production work, plant management, service engineering and more. In this article, we’ll look at several NV Energy jobs, the requirements needed, and the earning potential for each.

What Is NV Energy?

​As you may have guessed, NV stands for Nevada, and NV Energy is a public utility company generating and transmitting electrical energy service in the state of Nevada, including Las Vegas. They also provide natural gas service in Reno and surrounding communities in northern Nevada. NV Energy jobs can be found throughout the state of Nevada across a broad spectrum of disciplines. Founded in 1906 NV Energy jobs are held by over 2,500 employees statewide. NV Energy is part of Berkshire Hathaway Energy and is headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada.

What NV Energy Jobs Are Available?

NV Energy jobs are for qualified people seeking to join on the premier energy companies in America. Nevada is the fastest-growing state in the U.S. and NV Energy provides power to over 1.3 million customers throughout the state. This includes electricity and natural gas power resources. As a major energy company NV Energy work encompasses a wide range of professions.

We’ve included some examples of NV Energy jobs along with a position description, basic requirements, and salary information. The positions below only represent a few of the jobs available. For a full accounting of NV Energy positions, please visit the company website

Senior Software Engineer

This position creates and communicates technical solutions to solve a variety of challenges. Working closely with IT, the successful candidate will promote innovative, integrated solutions while showing acumen in all areas of the System Development Life Cycle. Requirements include developing, testing and modifying enterprise application systems both internally and for customers and outside partners.

Ideally, this person should have a strong background in software engineering with energy sector experience. This position pays between $101,300 to $123,500 depending on experience. A robust benefits package including health, dental, vision and 401K is included.

​Telecommunications Engineer


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​The ideal candidate for this position will be comfortable designing and troubleshooting network communications systems. Duties include provisioning and programming of telecommunications and network equipment including phone systems, remote terminal devices, routers, switches MPLS, SONET and related equipment. Interactions and experience with ordering services from telecom providers are also a key for this position. Candidates should have a BS in Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Information Technology or a related field and have 10 years of network experience.

​Maintenance Specialist

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Do you enjoy troubleshooting complex electrical systems and maintaining cutting-edge equipment? The Maintenance Specialist is responsible for this and more and is one of the key NV Energy career choices available today. The work is dynamic and includes functions such as equipment insulation, painting, carpentry, mechanical upkeep and repair of power plant equipment.

Requirements include a high school diploma and 3 to 5 years of power plant operations experience or an equivalent combination of education and experience. Experience with PLC and pneumatic controls is desired. Salary ranges from $44 to $50 per hour, depending on experience. The company includes an incentive plan and full benefits.


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​​As you probably already know, power companies are always in need of qualified electricians. Electricians at NV Energy install, maintain, test and repair substations, generation stations and distribution equipment such as transformers, regulators, circuit breakers, switches, generators, and rotary equipment, among others.

Successful hires will have completed the Electrician Apprentice training program or have equivalent experience. The salary is $48 per hour, and a Safety Bonus of 2% is available and full benefits including health, dental, vision, and paid vacation.

Heavy Equipment Operator

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​If you have experience with heavy equipment and enjoy working outside no matter the weather, this is the job for you. In this position, the successful candidate will have experience or training in operating a variety of digging and boring machines. Other duties include setting poles, raising electrical equipment, and repairing machines. Among NV Energy jobs, this one pays $41 per hour, requires a Commercial Driver’s License, and includes full benefits.

As mentioned, these are only a few of the many NV energy jobs available, along with a brief description of the responsibilities for each and basic requirements. For additional information please refer to the company website or job boards such as Glassdoor.

​Why Work With NV Energy?

NV Energy has a commitment to diversity, which is among its core values. They believe that by valuing differences while embracing common goals and values, they are creating a strong and vibrant workforce dedicated to achieving success for the company while providing a solid foundation for employees.

This represents a win for NV Energy, the community, and the people that make the company what it is today. And besides, Nevada is one of the top states to live and work in, drawing people from all over the country. Here are some other reasons you may want to consider a career with NV Energy:



​Opportunities for Veterans

​Quality Of Life

Lower Taxes

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Unlike neighboring California, Nevada has an appealing system of taxes for its residents. With no state income tax, you’ll get to keep more of your money and pay less for things like housing, food, medicine, and gasoline.

​​​Growing Job Market

​With more and more people moving to Nevada, the job market is booming across many sectors, and these new workers will use energy. Why not work for a leading energy provider in a state that is growing?

​Great Scenery

Landscape phot of Las Vegas

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​​If you think Nevada is only about Las Vegas, casinos, and gambling think again. Nevada is home to some of the most beautiful scenery in the country. With a diverse landscape that includes mountains, desert, lakes, and rivers, you’ll never run of things to do or places to explore in the great outdoors. Skiing, both snow, and water, golf, tennis, mountain biking, and hiking are some outdoor activities you can enjoy year-round.

​​Cost of Living

​​In Nevada, you can save on your household bills and afford a great home that would cost nearly three times as much in California. The median home price, even in Las Vegas (the most expensive city) is about $250,000. In Los Angeles, a comparable home is over $600,000. You do the math!


Indoor of a casino

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​​We already touched on the great outdoor experiences you can experience in Nevada, but don’t forget about the rest of the attractions. How about a turn at the blackjack tables in Las Vegas, Reno or Lake Tahoe? The area offers world-class restaurants, concerts from top singers, and sporting events such as UFC, boxing, ice hockey with the NHL Vegas Knights, and soon, the NFL Raiders will move from Oakland to a brand new, state-of-the-art stadium in Las Vegas. Never a dull moment.


Working for NV Energy can be a rewarding experience. When taking into account the opportunity to work in a growing, dynamic industry in a state that is experiencing a booming job market coupled with a low cost of living, beautiful scenery, and world-class entertainment ,you’ll find it’s a combination that’s hard to beat. With no state income tax, you’ll also get to keep more of what you earn and enjoy a higher quality of life.

NV Energy jobs pay well, provide the chance to interact and grow as part of a diverse workforce and offer career paths in everything from software engineering to heavy equipment operation.

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Consumers Energy Jobs: Availability, Salaries, & More

Are you passionate about working for a company focusing on sustainable energy and reducing environmental impact? Approximately 6.6 million residents living in Michigan’s 68 Lower Penninsula counties receive utilities from Consumers Energy. All professionals working for this company is an equal contributor. No matter if you’re working power generation facility or an office, everyone working Consumers Energy Jobs has the same mission—providing energy. If you’re serious about providing these services, there’s a career waiting for you.

There are a variety of ways for careerists to find Consumers Energy Jobs, including:

What Are Consumers Energy Jobs?

Part of what makes Consumers Energy unique is how serious they are about providing the best service to their customers. Everyone working Consumers Energy Jobs performs an essential role and benefits from the satisfaction they rarely find in holding that position. Their dedicated employees hold a diverse set of career roles extending from Adrian to Traverse City.

For over 125 years, CMS Energy has been serving Michigan. With a team of over 7,500 men and women working around the clock, Consumers Energy brings affordable, reliable, and safe energy while simultaneously maintaining green standards.

Consumer Energy Volunteers

The Development of a Healthy Work-Life Balance

Consumers Energy Employee Resources

Consumer Energy Volunteers

Are Consumers Energy Jobs in Demand?

person fixing electrical wires

Photo by Anton Dmitriev on Unsplash

As those who are entering their retirement age leave, this provides opportunities for Consumers Energy Jobs to open up. As a result, this creates a brand new playing field for students entering the job market. Students who like engineering and technology will find these career opportunities not only pay well but are also interesting. Often, those leaving for college are thinking about pursuing careers in fields outside of their home state. However, when looking at the demand regarding jobs in the energy industry at home, they’ll realize how much potential there is stateside.

Consumers Energy is More Than a Job

More than just a job is available through Consumers Energy. You’ll find a career with growth, development, and stability. You’ll work with a company in one of the most dynamic industries. This career will also provide you with the chance to generate energy more efficiently, safely, and with sustainable sources.

The most crucial job requirement you must have is being passionate about what you’re doing. If you feel proud about providing services that are essential to your community, you’ll be an asset. Being ambitious and curious are also qualities that will set you apart for these demanding jobs. If you’re willing to be there for your co-workers when they need you, Consumers Energy will know they can count on you.

How To Find Consumers Energy Jobs: Availability, Salaries, & More

Finding a job at Consumers Energy doesn’t have to be complicated or cause you stress. New job opportunities are posting regularly and, if you don’t see what you’re looking for, check back often. You may find updates later containing the perfect match for your interests, and your qualifications.

Consumers Energy Careers Page

When you’re searching for Consumers Energy Jobs, this is the first place you should check. You’ll find this page will contain the most up-to-date information regarding job postings. They list several positions on the Consumers Energy Careers Page. They break the job opportunities down into the following categories:

  • Administrative and Customer Service Careers
  • Business Careers
  • Engineering Careers
  • Field Operations Careers
  • Information Technology Careers
  • Skilled Trades Careers
  • Technician and Technical Design Careers
  • Internship Opportunities

When you click on each link, you’re led to a new page describing the opportunity. Then, when you scroll down the page, you’ll see a listing of all the jobs. Every job available is a separate link. When you click on them, it opens up a new page. These pages contain information including:

  • Title
  • Location
  • Date it was posted
  • Description of the department
  • Job’s responsibilities
  • Qualifications required
  • Functions of the job
  • Hours and travel requirements
  • Physical requirements
  • How to apply

If there are no jobs available, you’ll see a message below the description of the opportunity.

Internships at Consumers Energy

If you’re a college student, Consumers Energy offers internship opportunities to approximately 200 interns throughout the state of Michigan annually. These internships provide opportunities for networking with business leaders, receive professional development, and volunteer in the community. Interns can work in any combination of environments, including the field or office.

Finding Consumers Energy Jobs on

Searching through is a little more tricky. Sometimes other jobs mix in with the results, so be sure to read them carefully. When you find listings for Consumers Energy, you’ll see information including:

  • Company reviews posted by past employees
  • The job’s title and description
  • How long ago it was posted
  • Where it’s located also provides you with a link to apply on the company’s website. There’s also an option to save the job into your favorite searches.

Finding Consumers Energy Jobs on

When you search for Consumers Energy Jobs on, the results will reveal how many are available, the position title, description, and how to apply. You’ll see the location of the job, the qualifications, and the date of the posting. Other information you’ll see includes how many others have applied for the position and educational background requirements.

Salary Expectations at Consumers Energy

None of the above job searches will yield salary information. Instead, you’ll see notes about how the salary will be determined based on your experience or qualifications. Don’t let the dissuade you from applying for Consumers Energy Jobs, though.

According to Payscale, the average hourly pay rate for those working at Consumers Energy is $26.12 per hour. Salaries vary according to the position:

  • Administrative Assistant: $13.00 to $24.00
  • Data Analyst: $15.00 to $34.00
  • Power Plant Operator: $17.00 to $31.00
  • Project Manager, Engineering: $40.00 to $85.00
  • Safety Manager, Construction: $27.00 to $62.00
  • Security Officer, Guard: $11.00 to $24.00
  • Senior Computer Technician: $23.00 to $36.00

The Most Popular Consumers Energy Jobs Locations

Working for Consumers Energy doesn’t mean you’ll be limited to one geographic location. Instead, you’ll have your pick of a variety of locations. Under some circumstances, depending on the job, you’ll also be required to travel. So, be sure to read the job’s description carefully so you understand its location and additional locations you’ll be traveling to or working at regularly. According to Payscale, the most popular location for Consumers Energy jobs include the following locations:

  • Jackson, Michigan
  • Grand Rapids, Michigan
  • Bay City, Michigan
  • Saginaw, Michigan
  • Holland, Michigan
  • Lansing, Michigan
  • Grand Haven, Michigan
  • Royal Oak, Michigan
  • Ann Arbor, Michigan
  • Detroit, Michigan


No matter if you’re a student graduating from college, someone looking for an internship opportunity, or an individual who has an interest working in the energy industry, there are a variety of Consumers Energy Jobs available. Finding these jobs doesn’t have to be stressful and can occur either through the company website or through a variety of Internet job site tools. If you’re willing to bring your passion for working for the community to the company, that along with your background and qualifications will make you an asset. Consumers Energy has made it their mission to provide the best service to their customers for over a century—and they’re looking for people sharing that passion for continuing forward.

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CenterPoint Energy Jobs: Availability, Salaries, & More

Whether you’re an energy professional looking for a new employer, or someone interested in shifting into a growing and promising field, the energy industry is for you. The ongoing growth in the demand for energy has naturally increased the size of the industry surrounding it, leading to the creation of a great many jobs. In this article, we’ll explore the many kinds of energy jobs that there are available on the market, with a particular focus on CenterPoint Energy jobs. As we’ll demonstrate, the energy industry is growing and will have an ongoing demand for qualified employees to support growth.

​What Kind of Energy Jobs are Available?

​The growth in the energy industry at large has resulted in an expansion in the number of jobs available therein. The job options in the industry are broad, and including positions ranging from paid interns to accountants in the realm of general support, the specialized engineers and compliance auditors in the more advanced fields of practice in the organization. Following is a presentation of some energy jobs that are currently available on the market, with a section on CenterPoint Energy jobs to illustrate opportunities at that particular company.


man with a hat making a sketch

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​Engineers are essential in the design of new technology, and in the construction and operation of facilities using current technology. It is through the presence and ongoing influx of engineering expertise that the innovation of the energy industry, or any industry for that matter, is driven. As better educated and more innovative engineers enter the sphere, jobs in sustainable energy will increase exponentially into the future. While energy engineer jobs experienced a decrease between 2004-2017, the demand thereof has recently begun to rise, as will be discussed below.

The role of the energy engineer is best explored through an example. An energy engineer at NRG in Houston receives an estimated salary of $62,000 - $92,000, according to Glassdoor estimates rooted in former and current employee reports. An NRG energy engineer is expected to manage, develop, and advise customers on how to be more energy efficient through the performance of ASHRAE Level I-III energy audits while working with internal stakeholders to identify a suite of solutions to provide for customer needs. Energy auditing and verification experience are required.

A senior energy engineer at NORESCO in Houston earns a Glassdoor estimated salary of $80,000 - $117,000 for performing next-level engineering work. The senior energy engineer performs energy audits with ASHRAE Level 1 through investment grade, retro-commissioning and commissioning for clients in the industrial, pharmaceutical, healthcare, commercial, lab, higher education, and municipality/county government sectors. Feasibility studies of renewable and energy efficient technologies are also conducted, including wind turbines, micro-cogeneration systems, and others.


group of people talking and planning  at the table

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​The management and leadership of the energy industry are the foundation upon which the technology rests. Without sufficient management and leadership on the corporate side of the energy industry, the greatest of innovations will be ineffectual. Corporate managers, compliance specialists, accountants, team leaders, and various other essential executive roles must be effectively filled to in turn direct the administration thereof. Management positions include an array of corporate roles such as the Chief Executive Officer, the CEO, and the many managers needed to lead the many departments.


​As with any industry, the specialists and management that support them must rely upon an administrative support team to achieve their objectives. Thus as energy companies expand and their numbers of clients increase, the number of support personnel to directly provide for the management and also the client base of the business will grow. To provide us with more specific examples of the job demands of an energy company, the following is a consideration of 5 CenterPoint Energy jobs and their requirements.

Support staff jobs include data management and data entry, reception, marketing, customer service, and support, and a wide variety of other jobs that are essential in maintaining the effective operation of any energy company.

CenterPoint Energy Jobs

​To provide some greater specificity on energy industry jobs, we’ll consider CenterPoint Energy jobs. At the current time, there are some 75 listings on Glassdoor for CenterPoint Energy jobs, exhibiting the growth of the company and ongoing expansion of the industry. Following a few of the primary positions available through CenterPoint Energy jobs, in addition to a brief description to give you an idea as to what they entail.

  • ​IT Network Security Analyst – maintains security for control systems, and CNP firewall infrastructure and IPS infrastructure. Maintains PGP encryption, URL filter, AMS security, IG security, infrastructure and web application vulnerability assessments, security incident handling, and many other functions.
  • ​CAD/GIS Technician II – including performing intermediate level assignments to support distribution operations, including construction projects, permit applications, and other support services. Interpret construction designs and drawings of both existing and proposed gas projects.
  • ​Radio Communications Technician – receive and make radio calls. Position only available after completion of multiple apprenticeship periods progressing through them then the prescribed written exams, oral and demonstration of the skills learned through formal and informal training.
  • ​Salesforce Developer – support projects for the Salesforce and provide various services through custom development, data analysis, systems administration, and configuration. Main applications are in using APEX, VisualForce, and Lightning components/framework.
  • ​Fleet Data Specialist I – Interact with various departments to produce timely results and processing for the invoicing of payment to meet vendor schedules, while retaining accounts in good standing. Internal and external fuel resources must be managed while adhering to federal, state, and local governing rules and laws.

​What is the Salary of an Energy Job?

​​As with any career, the salary that one might receive depends upon a broad combination of factors related to the individual, their personal and professional experience, and their education, certifications, and other relevant qualifications. In the energy field give the diverse array of positions available, the experience and qualifications of the employee will have a considerable impact upon the amount of money they are paid. The entry-level energy engineer position explored above ranged from $62,000 - $92,000 while the senior energy engineer earns from $80,000 to $117,000.

There can be a high level of variation in the salaries that employees in the energy industry might experience. Following is a consideration of the same select CenterPoint Energy jobs explore above to present the earnings potential of the industry and variability thereof regarding experience and education.

​CenterPoint Energy Jobs Salaries

​To provide insight into the salaries offered for energy jobs, following is a presentation of the salaries of a handful of currently available CenterPoint Energy jobs, based upon Glassdoor estimates which are rooted in reports provided by current and past employees.

  • ​IT Network Security Analyst – $57,000 - $97,000
  • ​CAD/GIS Technician II - $53,000 - $77,000
  • ​Radio Communications Technician – $19.00 - $31.00 (hourly)
  • ​Salesforce Developer – $87,000 - $129,000
  • ​Fleet Data Specialist I - $39,000 - $64,000

​​The Outlook of Energy Jobs

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Image via Pexels

The outlook for energy jobs is expected to increase substantially in the coming years. While some positions in the energy industry such has energy engineers experienced a slight dip in the 2000s, dropping some 12.9% since 2004. There had been an average decline of 2.1% for energy engineer jobs each year since 2004. However, the outlooks are expected to be increasingly positive, with some 55,790 new energy engineer jobs expected to be created by the end of 2018. This represents nearly a 5% rate of growth, marking a shift in the tides of the jobs in the energy industry.

While energy engineers and managers will always be essential, the most rapid growth being experienced in the energy industry is not in offices and laboratories, but on the streets and in the homes of the community. Energy service and installation jobs are the fastest growing segments of work in the energy industry. As more and more homes are built, and more and more people settle into cities, the demand for new energy systems and service upon current energy systems is on the rise.

In 2017 some 133,000 new positions were created in the energy and energy efficiency sectors, representing a growth of 2% overall. Regarding solar energy, the growth was even greater but in the opposite direction, with a decrease in jobs of 6% in 2017, a loss of 24,000 jobs. This was due to a 30% drop in installations in 2017 in contrast to the prior year. As some emerging technologies gain a foothold, the demand for their installation will wane as service demands instead begin to increase.


​A career in the energy industry is accessible to individuals with a great variety of professional backgrounds, educational disciplines, and experiences. As the energy industry grows, evolves, and expands, all positions in the energy industry will increase substantially. With the growth of sustainable energy initiatives, energy engineers with advanced knowledge to support innovation will be increasingly necessary, while the management and support staff with their unique abilities will also continue to be in growing demand.

For more information on careers in the energy field and related developments, check back to the Energy Job Blog for ongoing updates and articles.

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Devon Energy Jobs: Availability, Salaries, & More

When it comes time to find a job, searching for one in a growing industry is always simpler than searching out that rare job in a stagnant industry. If you are on the hunt for a job in the energy industry, there’s good news for you. This industry has been growing at a substantial rate in recent years and Devon Energy has plenty of job offers available to the public.

Specialists with advanced educations are in demand, mid-level technicians are needed to cover the growing needs of the energy sector, as are floor-level workers to provide for the customer service and day-to-day operations of energy companies servicing larger and broader consumer bases.

In this article, we’ll consider a number of Devon Energy jobs from a variety of disciplines for their potential earnings, alongside their requirements.

What Is Devon Energy?

Devon Energy jobs are found within Devon Energy, a leading independent oil and natural gas exploration and production company. The operations of Devon Energy are focused onshore in both the United States and Canada. Since 2011, Devon has more than doubled its onshore North American oil production, leading to the creation of many Devon Energy jobs. The company produces approximately 250,000 barrels of oil daily, and also 1.2 billion cubic feet of natural gas and 100,000 barrels of natural gas liquids each day. Devon is headquartered in Oklahoma City and focused on sustainable expansion.

What Positions Does Devon Energy Hire?

staff having a meeting

Image by pixabay

As stated by Devon Energy, “We employ professionals, champion integrity and perform our jobs in a safe and responsible manner.” The company is in search of talented individuals to contribute to the organization’s ongoing success while supporting its expansion of the business. The company heeds the reality that exceptional work is done by exceptional people, and so they look for the best petro-technical professionals, including engineers and geologists, and other specialties to support their mission.

Following is a presentation of a number of Devon Energy jobs, covering their duties and requirements. As we’ll see, there are a great many positions available through Devon Energy jobs, with the options available spread across a wide array of industries and occupations, each responsible with contributing to the broader success of the organization. This is by no means a comprehensive list, with many more positions available through Devon Energy’s website as well as

Automated Data Specialist

2 laptops

Image by pixabay

The primary responsibilities of this position are to define, deploy, and manage solutions dealing with real-time streaming data. To be qualified for this position, a person must have developed and powerful foundational skills and knowledge of data analytics and management, teamwork, and communication skills. They also should be able to effectively execute real-time strategies across multiple business units and domains. A degree in engineering, computer science, business information systems, or math is preferred. Experience with real-time historians and/or automation is strongly preferred, in addition to experience with multiple software systems.

Category Management Professional – Drilling/Completions

man and woman discussing

Image by pixabay

This position, with minimal supervision, performs highly complex tasks that are linked to the management of drilling or completions categories within the company’s Supply Chain Management function. The role is responsible for the creation of supply solutions for capital expense categories, while delivering top quartile value creation through the application of sourcing strategies, execution, compliance with contract terms, and delivering value. A bachelor’s degree in supply chain management, business, engineering, or another related field, as well as 7 years experience in supply chain/procurement, are required.


group of men carrying tools

Image by pixabay

The geologist must be capable of performing under minimal supervision, and is responsible for highly complex duties linked to detailed mapping projects in a variety of geographic areas. The geologist is tasked with the undertaking of simulations, including the evaluation of original pool resources in place, the evaluation of current depletion methods, as well as evaluations of enhanced recovery for both oil and gas operations. The geologist also serves as a part of a Reservoir Studies team and interacts with Reservoir engineers. A bachelor’s in geology or geosciences and 8 years of experience is required.


The geophysicist is a leader within Devon Energy jobs who performs not only basic but also highly advanced integrated seismic interpretation in support of the development of new play ideas. The geophysicist is also tasked with evaluating existing plays and drilling unconventional plays throughout Devon Energy’s portfolio. The geophysicist develops “fit for purpose” workflows by working closely with geological, engineering, and land professional staff. A master’s degree in geophysics is preferred, with a minimum of 8 years of related industry experience in geophysical interpretation required.

Oil Marketing Representative

checking the graph paper

Image by pixabay

The oil marketing representative executes the marketing strategy for the geographic/project areas of responsibility. This role is also responsible for the negotiation of complex marketing agreements for sales, gathering, purchasing, transportation, and related services. The oil marketing representative gathers, analyzes, and interprets competitor and market analysis data from which sound business decisions are to be made. A minimum of 5-8 years of industry experience is required, with a preference for a minimum of 3 years of oil marketing-related experience.


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Image by pixabay

The recruiter is effectively tasked with filling Devon Energy jobs. The recruiter plays a central role in delivering on human resources and talent management strategies. This role is tasked with implementing continuous improvement goals so as to support the ongoing success of Devon Energy by filling Devon Energy jobs with talented persons capable of excelling in their positions. They lead recruiting efforts and programs, provide assistance with inclusion and diversity efforts, alongside broad coordination efforts between departments. A bachelor’s degree is required, preferably in a business discipline, along with 5 years of experience in a recruiting position.

Software Developer

two woman facing the computer

Image by pixabay

The software developer works with the business and IT teams of Devon Energy to identify and develop scalable, enterprise-class, c#.NET and Angular 2+, cloud-based solutions for the rapidly changing landscape of both large- and small-scale opportunities. An ideal candidate has a strong foundation in SOLID principles and is capable of working effectively within the context of a development team. Oil and gas experience is a must, preferably in the areas of drilling, completions, geology/geophysics, and production. A bachelor’s degree in computer science or engineering is required, as well as 8 years of related experience.

Solution Architecture Advisor

mechanical pen and a ruler

Image by pixabay

Independently perform broad solution design, enterprise architecture, and software development activities. The solution architecture advisor also acts as a technical advisor to teams executing Devon Energy’s most strategic technology projects. The key performance metric of this position is business project success, and the ideal candidate should be highly technical and will be required to “get their hands dirty”. A bachelor’s in engineering, computer science, or an equivalent is required, with 10 years of design and implementation experience.

Tax Accountant

laptopn and a calculator

Image by pixabay

The tax accountant among Devon Energy jobs is tasked with working under immediate or general supervision to facilitate the U.S. income tax filing requirements of the domestic and international operations of Devon Energy. The role presents a broad set of tax responsibilities, including the preparation of Federal and State income tax returns, depreciation calculations, provision, and other special projects linked to large corporate income tax returns. A bachelor’s or master’s degree in accounting is required, in addition to 1-2 years of experience in income tax (3-5 years are preferred).

Average Salaries for Devon Energy Jobs

As explored above, there are a great many Devon Energy jobs available, with there being no general salary for the company given the breadth of positions therein. Glassdoor does, however, provide salary estimates which are based upon the experiences of actual current or former employees of the company. The following is a list of the occupations explored above and the average median salaries reported by individuals who currently hold or have held the positions explored. Such transparency is important for the job hunter as knowing the earnings potential determines the viability of the job for us.

  • Automated Data Specialist – $44k – $71k (k=1,000)
  • Category Management Professional – Drilling/Completions – $66k – $99k
  • Geologist – $121k – $170k
  • Geophysicist – $76k – $120k
  • Oil Marketing Representative – $74k – $93k
  • Recruiter – $37k – $88k
  • Software Developer – $75k – $119k
  • Solution Architecture Advisor – $90k – $149k
  • Tax Accountant – $56k – $83k


close up of light bulbs

Image via Pexels

Of the many energy companies that can be selected for employment opportunities, Devon Energy jobs represent fine choices. The organization appreciates its employees, and their compensation structures are generally highly competitive. If you’re looking to work in a corporate environment in the industry, and you accept one of the Devon Energy Jobs at the corporate offices, plan on moving to Oklahoma City. Beyond the corporate environment, the organization does present a variety of opportunities in the surrounding region’s plants and customer service locations to support the ongoing success of the company.

Devon Energy jobs are well-paying, and extremely diverse, ranging from accounting to geophysics and everywhere in-between. For more articles on jobs in the energy industry, Devon Energy jobs or otherwise, check back to the Energy Job Blog for ongoing updates with more valuable information to guide your search for a job in the energy sector.

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Alliant Energy Jobs: Availability, Salaries, & More

When it comes time to find a job, there are many questions that must be asked before beginning, with the industry we prefer to find work in being a leading question. Given the ongoing growth of the global population, energy use is on the rise, and so are energy jobs. Quite a few jobs and careers are emerging in energy whether traditional or emerging fields such as renewable energy. In this article, we’ll explore available Alliant Energy jobs to see the benefits available for employees, and the various positions that are open.

Alliant Energy

Alliant Energy is committed to their mission “To deliver the energy solutions and exceptional service that our customers and communities count on—safely, efficiently, and responsibly.” The company provides electric and natural gas services to customers and communities throughout the states of Iowa and Wisconsin. The organization supports over 962,000 electric customers, had over $3.4 billion in operating revenue in 2017, and is staffed by some 3,989 employees. As the company grows, more employees are naturally needed, and we’ll explore some of those positions below.

The headquarters are in Madison, Wisconsin, and so it is likely that if you are looking for a corporate office job with Alliant Energy, it will be in Madison. The support services for Alliant Energy are provided through Alliant Energy Corporate Services, Inc. which supports the company’s administrative, strategic, legal, regulatory, IT, safety management, and other key areas.

The almost million customers of the company, however, are spread across the state, and thus customer service locations, technicians, and other positions abound throughout the two states.

Alliant Energy Jobs

The company is seeking to achieve optimal growth while also upgrading and modernizing their organization and fleet on an ongoing basis, leading to the ongoing creation of many Alliant Energy jobs, such as those explored in the following section. To support career development at Alliant Energy, there are internships and professional development programs, besides partnerships with technical colleges. By partnering with technical colleges, Alliant Energy helps prospective employees simultaneously develop the education and company connection they need to begin their career.

Job Availability

As noted above, Alliant Energy jobs are experiencing growth as the company likewise expands. At the current time, there are dozens of jobs at Alliant Energy listed on The jobs vary in terms of the position, payment, and demands placed upon the employee or intern, as discussed further below.

Positions and Salary

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Intern in Project Management

One of the entry-level positions available at Alliant Energy is that of the intern in project management, in Madison, Wisconsin. The job requires a dynamic self-starter and go-getter who will assist project managers in medium to large IT construction projects, in addition to developing project management artifacts such as a project charter, project schedules, or risk matrices. The internship presents the exposure to change management support, maintaining Microsoft Project schedules and tracking time, alongside cost and scope.

Select interns in this role may also be given the opportunity to be assigned to small projects, providing the experience of running through project life cycles. This entails experiencing and learning about initiation, planning, execution, monitoring and control, and closeout. For this work, not only does the intern get valuable experience and professional inroads to a job, but they are paid $17 to $21.50 per hour. These are temporary, full-time positions running from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday.

Manager in the Tax Department

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The manager in the tax department is one of the Alliant Energy jobs that has the most attractive combination of compensation and benefits. The job responsibilities include the administration of consolidated tax compliance including timely estimated tax preparation and the timely filing and preparation of domestic income tax returns. Tax research projects are managed or performed. Five years of technical and/or professional experience are required in addition to a 4-year degree from an accredited college or university, with a focus on accounting.

Not only must the prospective tax manager have a 4-year degree and 5 years experience (or 9 years experience in lieu of a degree), the prospect must also be an active domestic Certified Public Accountant (CPA) or have a Juris Doctor (JD) degree. Additionally, 3 years of management experience are required of any potential tax manager at Alliant Energy.

The estimated salary of the manager position in the tax department of Alliant Energy is around $103,000 annually, according to Glassdoor estimates based upon reports by current and former employees. Alliant Energy states that the position also includes outstanding benefits, a commitment to career growth and development, and an excellent team of tax professionals to work with.

Internal Auditor II

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To explore a higher-level job at Alliant Energy, we’ll look to the internal auditor II, available in Madison. The internal auditor II assists senior auditors in complex operational, compliance, and financial audits under internal auditing standards. The role also requires the performance of research, the reviewing of transactions, documents, and records, and following up on management actions plans. Internal controls to ensure compliance with the Sarbanes-Oxley Section 404 (SOX) are also included in the demands of the position.

While this position is of a higher level of authority than the two explored above, the pay is closer to the intern, paying a Glassdoor-estimated $81,000 annually. However, a distinction between this position and the internship is the provision of benefits.

Field Engineering Specialist

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The field engineering specialist is the worker on the ground, handling routine customer inquiries and engineering detail using standard operating procedures. These include tariff application, extension rules and agreements, service rules, code requirements, service entrance, and metering requirements. They perform a variety of fieldwork including but not limited to locating and sizing services, distribution easements, load determination, staking, and survey work of moderate difficulty. Field checks, licenses, joint-use applications, and other regulatory requirements are also necessary.

The average salary of the field engineering specialist, according to Glassdoor estimates, is $67,000, making it one of the more moderately paying Alliant Energy jobs we’ve reviewed. As with the other salaried positions, Alliant claims to offer outstanding benefits.

Benefits of Working for Alliant

The choice of where to work depends upon a combination of the essential factors of hourly pay or salary, and the associated benefits. A position with a high hourly wage but without benefits and a limited number of hours can be less advantageous than a job with a lower hourly wage yet with full benefits and retirement. Through an assessment of our financial goals and current status, we are better able to decide what type of employment is most beneficial to us. At Alliant Energy, the benefits are many, beginning with competitive pay.

Being paid well and competitively is an important feature of any job although further benefits are important. Alliant Energy jobs include the added benefit of a 401k match, 70% tuition reimbursement, adoption assistance, and others not clarified on their website but available upon further inspection or an application for an available position. An additional benefit presented by working at Alliant Energy is the location. The Midwest has several advantages to the region, including affordable housing, a laid-back lifestyle, and a high-quality education system.

Career Programs

In addition to offering competitive pay and benefits, Alliant Energy jobs also include career programs that support their employees’ professional development. To help students get a foothold in the professional world and to gain experience, there is an internship program through which internships are offered for a variety of majors including everything from accounting to environmental services. The rotational engineer program gives the engineer the opportunity to experience different roles and responsibilities in a variety of engineering departments before deciding upon one particular pursuit.

The ability of engineers to work at various areas of the company before committing to a particular pursuit leads to a higher level of fit between the employee and the role, and ultimately higher productivity for Alliant Energy. A paid apprenticeship program is also offered to individuals who are interested in gaining the training they need to fill one of the many skilled technical positions available at Alliant Energy. For those who have served our country, the veteran job match helps link military job code experience with great careers at Alliant Energy.


Working at Alliant Energy can be a valuable and beneficial experience given the benefits, prospect for 70% tuition reimbursement, and the career support development offered by the company. With interns starting at $17 hourly, which equates to over $30,000 annually, even the lowest levels of jobs at Alliant Energy can be better paying than the competition, as interns often are unpaid. Managers in the compliance department earning $80,000 and more is common, while tax managers earn over $100,000.

With a 401k match for salaried employees and competitive benefits, Alliant Energy is a fine company to apply for if you’re looking for work in the energy industry.

For ongoing updates and articles on sustainable jobs in the energy industry, check back to the Energy Job Blog.

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CPS Energy Jobs: Availability, Salaries, And More

When looking for a job in any field, it is essential to get to know who the key players are to identify the most lucrative potential jobs. In the energy industry, there are a great many companies pursuing a great many missions and objectives. There is clean energy such as turbines, renewable energy such as solar, atomic energy through nuclear power plants, and more traditional forms of energy production such as coal burning. Whatever type of energy you support, there are positions, including CPS Energy jobs.

What Is CPS Energy?

CPS Energy is committed to providing the world with “innovative energy”. They are the largest municipally owned energy company in the United States. The company provides for customers in San Antonio, Texas in addition to surrounding areas, doing so with “reliable power while being sensitive to the environment.” The organization began in 1942 and has since provided for the region of San Antonio and its power customers. At the current time, CPS Energy serves nearly 350,000 customers in its 1,566-square mile service area. Such a large company, as we’ll see, creates many jobs.

Sustainability And Clean Energy

CPS Energy is notorious for its commitment to sustainable energy and the development of advanced solutions to benefit the environment, from the use of the wind and sun to generate power to the development of new technologies. To support the evolution away from non-renewable energies in the form of fossil fuels, CPS Energy is investing in clean energy and the development of innovative technologies such as LED lighting, solar power, clean coal, and smart grid infrastructure. While such investments may entail a substantial cost today, it is hoped that tomorrow the return will be beneficial and profitable.

The organization advertises its clean energy initiatives effectively to generate goodwill in the community and also to drive further investments in such technologies for the betterment of the community at large. To support the advancement of CPS Energy into the future, the company is pursuing a variety of means to the end of increased sensitivity to the environment. This includes grid optimization and solar power, the advancement of which is supported through the establishment of valuable partnerships with like-minded organizations to pursue their vision of clean energy, innovation, and energy efficiency.

Community Engagement And Environmental Awareness

One of the key facets of CSP Energy in terms of its positive impact upon the world is through its community involvement. The organization is involved in the support of area schools with student mentoring and summer internships. Employees of CSP Energy volunteer thousands of hours each year in support of community projects, working to make the air, water, and land clean and healthy for the community. This is being supported through the inclusion of clean energy solutions into their power production through the use of wind and sun to harness electricity for San Antonio.

CPS Energy Jobs & Salaries

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There are a variety of positions available through CPS Energy jobs. The company is focused upon the quality of its people power and considers their employees to be the source of the business reaching new heights. According to CPS Energy, “Generating and delivering power is a 24/7 operation. It takes unique people and parts to make it happen.” The organization appreciates its employees and, through their career center, present a number of options, explored below. First, we will consider a few of the key leadership positions of the municipally owned company, and the unusually high amounts they pay.

As noted by the company, CPS Energy jobs are diverse, as “We are engineers, high line workers, power plant managers, accountants, electricians, project coordinators, risk analysts, customer service operators, community representatives, safety and security specialists, communicators, human resources partners, information technology technicians, and much, much more.” There are currently 3,300 CPS Energy jobs filled by their employees, and they are hiring more, with some of these available positions and their salaries explored below.


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To provide a bit of interesting information, the Chief Executive Officer of CSP Energy, Doyle Beneby, earned nearly $$ in monies in January 2016, despite having resigned in September 2015. Apparently achieving the role of CEO at CPS Energy, then quitting, can be quite lucrative. The current CEO, Paula Gold-Williams, was reportedly offered a salary of $$ to replace Beneby. Despite this, upon having begun in 2016, Gold-Williams earned $$ with incentives in the first six months of that year, representing the potential of $$$+ for the year.

Senior Director Of Corporate Communications & Marketing

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Paul Flanagan, the individual who holds this role for the municipally owned and thus publicly reported CPS Energy, earned over $$$ in salary and incentive from January to June 2016. This means he would earn over $$$ annually, demonstrating the high salaries of the senior management of CPS energy.

Communications Manager

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A communications manager with CPS Energy in San Antonio earns between $ and $$ depending upon education and experience, exhibiting a high salary potential for a lower managerial role. The communications manager coordinates between the various services provided by CPS Energy in order to meet the mission of the company of providing world-class energy solutions to “meet the diverse and unique needs of our customers and employees.” The company’s commitment to its employees is supported by the communication this manager provides.

Note that the salary estimates here and below are drawn from Glassdoor and are based upon the average of reported salaries of current and former employees.

Engineering Associate 1

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The engineering associate amongst CPS Energy jobs pays between $ and $$, depending upon prior education and experience. The engineering associate 1 works in the utility coordination and schedules area. They are responsible for managing high profile and particularly visible processes for civic distribution projects that are linked to governmental agencies’ right of way improvement projects.

Contact Center Supervisor

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This particular role earns an average of $ annually with CPS Energy. The supervisor in the contact center is responsible for the planning, supervising, and facilitation of service operations. The key purpose of this role is to achieve workload, accuracy, productivity, budget, and staffing level targets. The contact center supervisor supervises a team of employees with a coaching mindset and provides back-up to other supervisors as needed. Such positions provide leadership and management for project teams on customer service projects as well.

Transportation Service Manager

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This role pays an average of $$ annually. The manager of transportation services is responsible for the oversight of technical staff in support of outside plant (OSP) fiber-optic cable infrastructure and electronics associated with the provision of lit-fiber, mission-critical operational technology (OT) data communications. This manager is responsible for the development of and adherence to preventative maintenance and life-cycle management plans for department electronics and infrastructure.

Gas Standards And Compliance Senior Manager

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The estimated salary of this higher-level position is $$ annually. The senior manager of gas standards and compliance is a key member of the gas delivery management team. They serve as the change agent for the advancement of safety through the compliance and asset management efforts of CPS Energy. The role provides leadership on special projects as assigned to provide for compliance with state and federal pipeline safety utility regulations and business planning efforts. Such efforts include CPS Energy’s public awareness, damage prevention, and operator qualification programs.

Other Benefits

Outside of the salaries, the benefits that are available through CPS Energy jobs are extensive. The most significant benefit that we all appreciate with a salaried position is the comprehensive medical, dental, and vision coverage at competitive rates. The ability to acquire not only medical but dental and vision is rare in the modern environment. This is a particularly important consideration when exploring job opportunities for yourself, the positive impact upon yourself and any family you might have with full comprehensive medical, dental, and vision is far-reaching.

Outside of the expansive comprehensive coverages, those with CPS Energy jobs are also eligible for paid time off, including vacation days and paid holidays. Life insurance and other dependent and supplemental insurances are also available, and disability coverage to protect you in the event of injury or disability. The company offers a variety of retirement plans, tuition reimbursement, employee assistance programs, and even opportunities for personal growth and career development. The additional benefits of CPS Energy jobs are substantial and broad, exhibiting the high value of a career with the organization.


CPS Energy jobs present a substantial potential and should be viewed as an attractive option for prospective employees on the hunt for a job in the energy industry. The commitment of CPS Energy to sustainable energy solutions and environmental sustainability investments is also laudable, and something their employees can feel good about. Working with CPS Energy is to contribute to the community of San Antonio through the many charitable measures undertaken by the organization to benefit the surrounding community and its members.

For more information on jobs in the energy sector, and explorations of companies in the field, check back into the Energy Job Blog for ongoing articles and updates.

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Westar Energy Jobs: Availability, Salaries, & More

The energy field is increasingly growing, leading to the creation of many jobs. When job demand surpasses the available supply, the level of compensation for those qualified to fill in-demand positions naturally goes up. If energy is your field, or even business, accounting, sales, management, or social media marketing, then the energy field may have potential jobs for you, Westar Energy jobs included. In this article, we’ll explore a variety of energy jobs to demonstrate the potential income, earnings, and benefits you can realize, and the requirements to do so.

Westar Energy Jobs Available

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There are a great many Westar Energy jobs currently available on the market. The following is a description of a number of available positions to demonstrate the breadth of potential occupations one might pursue with Westar Energy to find beneficial employment with a company that, as we’ll explore below, is committed to the betterment of their employees and to the communities they serve. Each job we’ll present below will be considered in terms of the essential duties of the job and the key requirements to obtain each one.

Internal Auditor

a woman Internal Auditor

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The internal auditor is tasked with conducting, documenting, and reporting the outcome of the results of internal audits of a variety of operations in Westar Energy. This is accomplished through the use of the department’s risk-based audit methodology in addition to Sarbanes-Oxley reviews and testing. Improvements upon operational risk management are expected.

To acquire this job, a bachelor’s degree with a focus on business, accounting, or finance is required, in addition to 1-3 years of related experience, with internships potentially counting towards such requirements. Persons applying for the role must have an understanding of fundamental control practices while also being able to work within a team environment.

Journeyman Lineman Splicer

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This role among the Westar Energy jobs explored in this article requires either completion of the Journeyman Lineman - Splicer at KCP&L program or have documentation to prove completion of a recognized apprenticeship program for Journeyman Lineman Splicer. One may also obtain a job in this role if they have at least 2 years of work experience as a Journeyman Lineman.

Such experience must include documented and satisfactory performance of all standard tasks and responsibilities of a distribution lineman working with a public electrical utility or a recognized utility contracting company. Class A CLD and D.O.T. certification is required for this job.

Automobile Mechanic

Automobile Mechanic

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This position for Westar Energy jobs requires that the employee effectively complete repairs and maintenance work on the fleet vehicles and equipment of Westar Energy. Repairs on cars and trucks are central to the role, as well as modifications to equipment. The ability to perform inspections on trucks, tractors, automobiles, and other mechanical and tool equipment is also necessary. The ability to perform all functions required is necessary, as well as a Class A CDL license.

Someone in this role must also pass a Construction & Skilled Trades (CAST) Test. 5 years of experience on hydraulic, automotive, and truck equipment is necessary, and the employee must also complete a company-sponsored apprentice automobile mechanic program.


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The originator role of Westar Energy jobs is part of the marketing group, which offers a high-energy, team-oriented work environment, in addition to strong salaries and benefits packages. The role must generate structured transactions as well as energy management agreements (EMA) with wholesale customers in addition to other energy partners within both the mid- and long-term energy markets. The applicant must be knowledgeable of RTO/ISO developments and how they affect mid- and long-term energy products.

Candidates must have significant relationships and contacts across the US power markets and customer segments. This role requires a bachelor’s degree, preferably with a degree in business, engineering, or a related field. Additionally, the candidate is suggested to have a minimum of 5 years of experience in wholesale transactional work in origination. The candidate must be able to exhibit the ability to understand and align with all risk management policies and procedures in the company.

Qualitative Analyst Sr/Principal

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This role is responsible for supporting the manager of qualitative analysis and research by preparing a variety of budget, risk monitoring, and portfolio tracking reports. This role is responsible for the completion of a variety of tasks through the development and management of models through the use of a variety of modeling techniques in order to identify option value, variance, and risks linked to the power and fuel portfolio of Westar Energy.

To qualify for the senior analyst role, 6 years of experience are necessary for energy or commodities training, integrated resource planning, origination marketing, finance, or system development, while 8 years are required for the principal analyst position. A bachelor degree in finance, business, engineering, physics, or another related field is the minimum for the senior analyst. A master’s degree is required for the principal analyst position, although a doctorate degree is preferred by the company for both positions.

Real-Time Trader

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This position for Westar Energy jobs is a part of the bulk power marketing department. This role is responsible for updating intra-day trading and for supporting DA and RTO market submittals for unit offers, with parameters based on resource operations and market conditions. This position is also responsible for making sure the CROW outage system is updated with the outage and de-rate information. The real-time trader also monitors the day ahead and real-time Reliability Unit Commitment process, communicating results through generating system operators and energy management customers.

This role requires a minimum of 1 year of direct power marketing experience, and it is preferred that the real-time trader has a bachelor’s degree in business, engineering, mathematics, economics, or another related field.

Supervisor Of Wind Operations

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This role, available exclusively in Nashville, KS, reports directly to the Manager of Wind Site Operations. The selected candidate is ultimately assigned to manage a 20-turbine Clipper C96 Wind Site, a Westar Site Supervisor, and a number of technicians who are contracted to perform both scheduled and unscheduled repairs on commercial wind turbines. The turbines use prudent utility and wind industry practices. A technical degree or engineering degree, in addition to prior experience with high voltage switching, is noted as being highly preferred for this position.

Average Salaries Of Westar Energy Positions

Westar Energy jobs pay a range of salaries or hourly wages depending upon the task being performed. The salaries listed below are taken from Glassdoor, which averages salaries that are provided by current and former employees of the company. While some of the job salaries provided below were not presented above, they were included to present a general idea of how much the employees make in Westar Energy jobs.

For hourly work there is generally solely the hourly rate, while the full-time positions come with full benefits, in addition to the annual salaries listed below:

  • Accountant: $49k - $66k
  • Customer Service Representative: $16/hr - $22/hr
  • Engineer: $52k - $79k
  • Internal Auditor: $70k
  • Lineman: $59k - $78k
  • Qualitative Analyst Sr/Principal: $45k - $88k
  • Supervisor: $86k - $92k
  • Technical Specialist: $55k - $57k

Why Work For Westar Energy?

energy company environment

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Westar Energy jobs are offered by a company that takes pride in their employees and in the way they are treated. Westar Energy jobs are staffed by “our family of dedicated employees who are also our neighbors and friends”. The organization has presented a commitment to providing a friendly, safe, and exciting work environment that encompasses opportunities to grow with the company. The organization has a supportive culture that facilitates the development of employees so they become better able to serve the company and their community.

Ethical And Supportive Workplace

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One of the key reasons to pursue an available position among the Westar Energy jobs explored above is the ethical workplace and environment that is provided to employees. Not only are employees treated well and with respect and appreciated like family, but the company has a commitment to ethics. Since its founding, the organization has been committed to “maintaining the highest ethical standards and building respectful relationships within our organization”. By maintaining the highest ethical standards, Westar Energy jobs are appealing.

By establishing a company with a sustainable structure that is rooted in an uncompromised commitment to integrity, fairness, trust, diversity, and ethics, Westar Energy has held a leading position in the industry for some time. To support team-building, the company presents a number of sponsored events to allow employees the ability to have fun together while enhancing their communities through organized volunteering at some events. The company invites you to apply for Westar Energy jobs, stating “Join us and be part of the Westar Energy family - you will always feel at home here".


Westar Energy jobs are highly appealing options within the energy field. They present the ability to engage with a positive company with a supportive environment and community-oriented mission. The company presents employees with sponsored events for fun and organized volunteering work to give back to the community. The salaries are also generous, which is, of course, the most important consideration for most individuals when taking a job. Westar Energy jobs pay.

For more information on energy jobs and companies, check back to the Energy Job Blog for ongoing articles and updates.

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Department of Energy Jobs: Availability, Salaries, & More

The United States Department of Energy is involved in a wide range of tasks related to energy production, energy conservation, and waste disposal. In fact, much of the work of the department is related to nuclear energy. Jobs with federal agencies like the Department of Energy are popular because of the job security, research budgets, and often strong salaries that come with the roles. In particular, Department of Energy jobs offer men and women the opportunity to be engaged in work that is exciting, rewarding, and important both on a national and an international level.

What Is the Department of Energy?


Image Source: Pixabay

The United States Department of Energy, or DOE for short, is a cabinet-level department of the Government of the United States. Although the specific tasks of the department will be addressed in greater detail later, this federal department is concerned with various policies and management activities related to energy in the United States. The Department of Energy is headed by the United States Secretary of Energy, who is appointed by the President of the United States. The department is based out of Washington, D.C. although there are numerous laboratories nationwide.

In fact, much of the work of the Department of Energy is conducted through its system of national laboratories and technology centers. These laboratories are a direct result of the great research work that came out of the U.S. war effort in the 1940s. Much of the work of the national laboratories is related to nuclear technology or nuclear waste, although other aspects of energy management in the United States are also covered. There are seventeen national laboratories operated by the United States Department of Energy:

  • Ames Laboratory in Ames, Iowa
  • Argonne National Laboratory in Illinois
  • Brookhaven National Laboratory in Upton, New York
  • Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory in Batavia, Illinois
  • Idaho National Laboratory in Idaho Falls, Idaho
  • Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in Berkeley, California
  • Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in Livermore, California
  • Los Alamos National Laboratory in Los Alamos, New Mexico
  • National Energy Technology Laboratory in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Morgantown, West Virginia; and Albany, Oregon
  • National Renewable Energy Laboratory in Golden, Colorado
  • Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Oak Ridge, Tennessee
  • Pacific Northwest National Laboratory in Richland, Washington
  • Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory in Princeton, New Jersey
  • Sandia National Laboratories in Albuquerque, New Mexico and Livermore, California
  • Savannah River National Laboratory in Aiken, South Carolina
  • SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory in Menlo Park, California
  • Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility in Newport News, Virginia

The national laboratories were not always administered by the Department of Energy. The laboratories were first administered by the Atomic Energy Commission and later the Energy Research and Development Administration, and finally the DOE. The oldest of the national laboratories is the Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory in Berkeley, California, which dates to 1931. At present, the Department of Energy is headed by Rick Perry, who was formerly Governor of Texas.

It may come as a surprise to some that the United States Department of Energy actually grew out of the efforts of the Manhattan Project in World War II. The Manhattan project was the effort to create an atomic bomb. The project had some input from the United Kingdom and Canada, as well as the United States Army Corps of Engineers. The Atomic Energy Commission was created immediately after the war, in 1946, to supervise nuclear energy projects.  Although the Atomic Energy Commission no longer exists, it gave way to some important organizations, including:

  • Energy Research and Development Administration
  • Nuclear Regulatory Commission
  • Department of Energy

The Department of Energy was founded by President Jimmy Carter in 1977, a few years after the Oil Crisis of 1973. The 1973 Oil Crisis was an oil embargo directed against several countries, including the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada, due to political events at the time. The main result of the oil embargo was that the cost of oil quadrupled from about $3 a barrel to $12. This placed increased importance on energy, as an area of federal concern, and eventually led to the foundation of the Department of Energy, into which the Energy Research and Development Administration, along with a few other bureaus, was consolidated.

Although nuclear energy, which was the primary focus of the predecessor agencies of the Department of Energy, remains an important area of concern, the department is involved in several other areas, including solar energy. The National Renewal Energy Laboratory is involved in research with solar and other renewable sources of energy, and it operates programs in conjunction with the department to encourage the use of solar energy as a renewable energy alternative to oil and other fossil fuel energy sources.

The department has faced its fair share of controversy. It should not come as a surprise that there is some measure of secrecy associated with nuclear technology, both as it pertains to nuclear power generation and nuclear weapons. This necessitates that workers, especially those involved in the nuclear weapons side of things, are able to keep classified information classified. Alleged leaks of information to foreign rivals have garnered national attention. It is important that future workers in Department of Energy jobs understand the importance of confidentiality.

As mentioned, the Department of Energy is not only involved in nuclear energy work. Future workers in Department of Energy jobs can work in various sites and capacities, depending on their own area of training, skills, or the needs of the department. The department is involved in the following areas pertaining to the national energy needs and interests of the United States:

  • Production of nuclear reactors for the Navy
  • National nuclear weapons program
  • Domestic energy conservation and production
  • Energy research and renewable energy
  • Human Genome Project and other genomics initiatives
  • Radioactive waste disposal

Department of Energy Jobs and Salaries

woman checking

Image Source: Pixabay

One of the great things about the United States DOE is that it offers positions in a wide variety of roles and workers in Department of Energy jobs can expect to work with professionals and administrative personnel in a wide range of disciplines. A small sample of Department of Energy jobs includes the following positions:

  • Accountant
  • Budget Analyst
  • Civil Engineer
  • Energy Project Specialist
  • General Engineer
  • Internet Technology (Computer Specialist
  • Geologist
  • Physical Scientist
  • Materials Engineer

It should not come as a surprise that many of the positions involve fields in science and engineering, like chemists and chemical engineers, physical scientists, geologists, and materials engineers. There professionals would be expected at an agency whose work is focused on new ways to conserve energy, on waste disposal, on renewable energy, and on the day-to-day operations and research associated with nuclear energy technology.

The salaries for Department of Energy jobs will vary based on a number of factors, not least of which is the specific title and requirements for the role. As previously mentioned, workers in Department of Energy jobs are involved both in professional occupations associated with advanced training as well as administrative roles and more hands-on, in the trenches work. It is estimated that of the approximately 15,000 open positions in the department, about 40% are professionals with advanced degrees and training, with most of the rest being workers in administrative roles.

In terms of the day-to-day work of employees in Department of jobs, this will naturally vary by the role, but much of the management and operation of facilities owned by the department is undertaken by workers in these Department of Energy jobs. Some department facilities may be operated by contractors, with DOE workers responsible only for the management and administration. Other facilities and offices are directly operated by the department and staffed by its employees.

As an example of a position for which there are Department of Energy jobs available is Materials Engineer. Pay for roles is standardized across federal agencies with salary falling within a range. The range for Material Engineers across all federal agencies is $87,252 to $113,428, which compares well with salaries for these professionals in other industries. Indeed, workers in Department of Energy Jobs may earn as much as or more than their colleagues in private industry.

How to Get a Job at the Department of Energy

Image Source: Pixabay

Men and women interested in Department of Energy jobs have a number of resources that they can use. Many jobs can be applied for online, just as one would when applying for work at private companies or other organizations. Typical workers at the department and other federal departments are required to meet certain qualifications in order to be considered for the role. These qualifications encompass the area of education (minimum degree held), experience, knowledge, and occasionally possession of a professional license or certificate.


Image Source: Pixabay

Department of Energy jobs are open to workers who are interested in the exciting and important work of addressing our nation’s energy needs. Workers at the department come from a variety of backgrounds, with nearly half of the workers being professionals engaged in a number of occupations necessary to the department’s work. With the promise of stable employment and a wide number of locations nationwide to choose from, the Department of Energy represents an attractive career choice for many.

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Xcel Energy manhole

Xcel Energy Jobs: Availability, Salaries, & More

Looking for an exciting career that you can be proud of? Want plenty of room for advancement and good compensation? A job at Xcel Energy may be exactly what you’ve been searching for.

As the energy industry grows and changes, opportunities to innovate and create with expanding energy companies are arising quickly. Xcel Energy jobs are numerous and varied. Positions range from entry-level jobs to corporate leadership careers and are available in 8 different states.  The company is seeking applicants with a huge range of skills and experience levels: from high school graduates on up to seasoned managers and directors.  

What Is Xcel Energy?

Xcel Energy is a customer-focused producer of clean, reliable energy that proudly powers homes and businesses across the West and Midwest. This Minneapolis-based company’s mission is to “provide our customers the safe, clean, reliable energy services they want and value at a competitive price.”  

Xcel Energy is the product of a merging between three predecessor companies, Northern States Power and Southwestern Public Service Company, which were established in the 1890s, and Public Service Company of Colorado, which opened its doors in the 1920s. Clearly, Xcel Energy has a legacy of experience in the area to lean on.    

Since its establishment in 2000, Xcel Energy has become an industry leader in renewable energy sources and reducing carbon emissions with one of the most ambitious green energy plans in the industry. By the year 2027, the company plans to retire 40% of its coal units and replace them with wind and solar energy.  By 2022, the company is projected to be 61% carbon free by using a combination of renewable energy sources including wind, solar, and nuclear energy.  Just since 2005, Xcel Energy has reduced its total water consumption by 40% and its total carbon emissions by 35%.  

With its focus on community, Xcel Energy is a rewarding place to work. The company finds balance and success by promoting environmental stewardship, customer satisfaction, and a respectful and motivating environment for its employees.  Xcel Energy facilitates safety campaigns which have lowered the rate of accidental dig-ins to underground wires and pipes by 33% and the number of workplace injuries by 58% since 2009.  They are also one of the most reliable power suppliers in the country with customers having power continuously for 99.9% of 2017.  Further, Xcel was recognized for two consecutive years by the Human Rights Campaign as a Best Place to Work for LGBT Equality.

Available Company Positions

man installing solar panel

There is a variety of Xcel Energy jobs available in the following states: North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Colorado, New Mexico, and Texas.  For the majority of the jobs listed below, more than one vacancy exists.  

Xcel Energy appreciates the service of our country’s veterans, and value the unique experience and skills veterans offer the company.  Ten percent of the company’s new hires are veterans!  On the website, there is an option for veterans to apply to a pool position, which connects applicants to Xcel Energy’s Veteran Recruiter.  Veterans must have served in a branch of the U.S. Armed Forces and have at least a high school diploma.

Internships at Xcel Energy

Xcel Energy offers internships to college students.  Students currently enrolled in classes are invited to apply to an enriching opportunity to test and hone their skills in a project-based atmosphere.

  • Nuclear Engineering Intern
  • Engineering Intern
  • Electrical Engineering Intern
  • Business Intern
  • Internal Auditor Intern
  • EMS Coordinator Intern
  • Regulatory Administrative Business Intern
  • Business Systems Intern
  • Engineering Intern within Transmission Project Management Department
  • Distribution Design & Operations Intern
  • GIS Intern
  • Entry-level Xcel Energy Jobs

  • Customer Service Specialist
  • Customer Care Clerk
  • Product Developer
  • Corporate Xcel Energy Jobs

  • Senior Budget Analyst
  • Communications Assistant 
  • RSA Archer Support Analyst
  • Solution Architect (including Senior positions)
  • Sr. Accounting/Financial Analyst
  • Systems Administrators and Analyst (including Senior positions)
  • Compliance Consultant 
  • Senior Internal Auditor
  • Network Operations Director 
  • Senior Principal Risk Management Analyst 
  • Social Media Manager
  • Social Media Communication Consultant 
  • Network Engineer
  • Load Management Analyst 
  • Regulatory Administrator 
  • Security and Compliance Consultant 
  • Channel Development Manager
  • Product Developer
  • Call Center Associate
  • Regulatory Accounting Manager 
  • Endpoint Security Systems Administrator
  • CIP Functional Consultant 
  • Accounting/Financial Consultant
  • Field and Skilled Labor Xcel Energy Jobs

  • Instructor Operations (including Senior and Principal positions)
  • Operations Manager
  • Plant Electrician Specialist
  • Medical Technician
  • Workforce Relations Specialist
  • Leadership Excellence Manager
  • Category Manager
  • Contract Management Consultant
  • Senior Energy Supply Asset Analyst 
  • Planner Buyer
  • Operations Supervisor
  • Designer/Associate Designer
  • Functional Consultant
  • Network Operations Director
  • Resource Planning Analyst
  • Control Room Supervisor-in-Training
  • Senior Engineer
  • Originator/Senior Originator 
  • Sr. Energy Trader
  • Fleet Project Scheduler
  • Program Manager 
  • Maintenance Supervisor
  • Construction Lead
  • Apprentice Plant Attendant 
  • Electrical Substation Construction Operations Supervisor
  • Senior Safety & Training Consultant 
  • Operations Procedure Writer
  • Associate Supply Chain Analyst 
  • Sales Accountant Specialist 
  • Outdoor Lighting Designer
  • Electrical Equipment Tester
  • Heavy Equipment Operator
  • Specialized Trade Xcel Energy Jobs

  • Distribution Lineman Apprentice
  • Sourcing Project Specialist (including Associate positions)
  • Substation Foreman 
  • Transmission Control Principal Engineer
  • Electrician Apprentice
  • Systems Analyst
  • Technician Specialist
  • Senior Mechanical Engineer
  • Substation Helper
  • IAM Specialist/Engineer (including Senior positions)
  • IVVO Engineer
  • Project Controls Specialist, Nuclear
  • Energy Efficiency Engineer
  • Leadership Xcel Energy Jobs

  • Payroll Manager
  • Functional Analyst
  • Cyber Intelligence Analyst
  • AMI Meter Analyst
  • Material Handlers
  • Product Portfolio Manager (including Senior positions)
  • Training Supervisor Operations
  • Material Operations Supervisor
  • Cost - Analysis Estimator
  • Senior IT Service Delivery Manager 
  • IT Project Manager
  • Technical Business Analyst
  • Design & Construction Director
  • Senior Rate Analyst
  • Average Salaries Per Position

    man doing a routine inspection

    Below, known salaries for positions within Xcel Energy are listed alphabetically by position title. This information was obtained through Compensation is competitive within the industry and demonstrates a company-wide respect for employees at all level.  

    Accounting Analyst:

    $38,614 - $72,710
    Administrative Assistant: $27,285 - $58,733
    Assistant General Counsel: $118,147 - $234,396
    Associate Product Manager: $57,251 - $112,459
    Category Manager:

    $64,581 - $115,548
    Civil Engineer:

    $47,888 - $81,492
    Compensation Analyst: $50,291 - $79,860
    Compliance Officer:

    $60,031 - $130,524
    Construction Superintendent:

     $74,988 - $164,188
    Customer Service Specialist: $23,804 - $60,209
    Data Analyst:

    $37,733 - $97544
    Director of Operations: $121,942 - $254,780
    Electrical Designer:

    $37,599 - $87,587
    Electrical Engineer:

     $40,268 - $115,222
    Employee Communications Consultant:

    $60,804 - $119, 362
    Energy Engineer:

    $49,252 - $78,511
    Energy Power Distribution: $67,220 - $93,543
    Environmental Analyst: $40,905 - $89,780
    Executive Assistant:

    $48,505 - $79,461
    Field Operations Manager: $73,086 - $147,422
    Financial Analyst:

    $43,831 - $85,513
    Gas Fitter:

    $45,268 - $111,142
    Geographic Information Systems Analyst:

    $32,654 - $56,363
    Health Physicist:

    $70,264 - $135,327
    Instrumentation & Controls Technician:

    $41,690 - $96,177
    Journeyman Lineman: $52,370 - $143,663
    Legal Analyst:

    $49,256 - $92,126
    Legal Secretary:

    $38,378 - $69,833

    $36,659 - $87,066
    Maintenance & Engineering Manager:

    $76,909 - $150,983

    Maintenance Mechanic: $43,775 - $106,093
    Maintenance Supervisor/Superintendent: $53,791 - $151,344
    Marketing Assistant:

    $23,399 - $54,078
    Mechanical Engineering: $51,660 - $106,507

    $62,401 - $126,140
    Meter Reader:

    $36,444 - $89,080
    Nuclear Engineer:

    $63,079 - $125,858
    Operations Manager:

    $61,794 - $168,664
    Operations Superintendent: $43,524 - $111,445
    Plant Supervisor:

    $47,332 - 100,718
    Power Plant Operator: $41,310 - $91,789
    Power System Operator: $58,033 - $103,654
    Project Coordinator, general: $35,417 - $73-232
    Project Coordinator, IT: $45,875 - $85,067
    Project Manager, general: $48,553 - $124,381
    Project Manager, engineering:

    $69,013 - $168,826
    Project Manager, IT:

    $60,903 -$120,606
    Regulatory Administrator: $40,596 - $79,200
    Safety Consultant:

    $47,080 - $124,283
    Senior Accountant:

    $63,037 - $101,359
    Senior Budget Analyst: $57,389 - $116,945
    Senior Business Analyst: $70,567 - $163,341
    Senior Electrical Engineer: $78,121 - $144,722
    Senior Financial Analyst: $65,190 - $102,669
    Senior Human resources Generalist:

    $54,174 - $100,143
    Senior Systems Analyst: $63,410 - $136,591
    Senior Administrative Assistant:

    $36,598 - $73,806
    Staff Engineer:

    $52,289 - $101,900
    Systems Analyst:

    $52,952 - $111,504
    Transmission-Line Engineer: $66,964 - $100,686


    group of men working on a line post

    Countless people across America are searching for the career that they love. Most people are looking for a career and a workplace that they can be proud of.  Xcel Energy goes to great lengths to be that kind of workplace — a company that values the environment, that seeks to build community through safety initiatives and employee diversity, and that provides a reliable, affordable product to its customers.  

    Whether you are a new graduate seeking to stake your place in the world, or a long-time veteran of the industry, an Xcel Energy job could be exactly what you’ve been hoping for. Xcel Energy is a well-established company in the West and Midwest United States with strong values that make their business successful. Even if you are not quite ready to apply, the company offers an online talent community that provides interested prospective applicants updates on opportunities that match their skills and invitations to company events.  Job listings can be searched by title, skill level, or location.  

    A solid mission, competitive compensation, and plenty of room for upward mobility make this company worth considering.    

    Find more information and apply for Xcel Energy jobs on the company’s website,  

    solar panel

    Should I Consider Using Flexible Solar Panels?

    Solar panels can be used for renewable energy since they harness the sun's energy to generate power that can run industries or a home's equipment and lighting. The use of solar panels supplements energy needs, and thus provides an opportunity for homeowners to save on energy costs. The technology is advancing rapidly each year and new developments, such as flexible solar panels, are constantly being released and improved upon.

    Whether it is powering the Tesla Gigafactory or providing a reading light in your own living room, solar energy saves money for energy consumers. New flexible solar panels represent a great advancement in renewable energy. But, what are flexible solar panels? This article will walk you through the basics and benefits of flexible solar panels.

    What Are Flexible Solar Panels?

    silicon wafers

    Standard polycrystalline or monocrystalline solar panels are typically made of silicon wafers. They are about 200 micrometers thick, which is slightly thicker than a human hair.

    To make a “flexible” solar panel, engineers would have to slice the silicon wafers to just a few micrometers. This then would enable the wafers to be ultra-thin, giving solar panels the uniquely convenient property of being flexible.

    Flexible solar panels have been around for a while, but they were limited in their flexibility because of the brittleness of conventional electrodes used within the panels. Recently, MIT researchers developed a new method for making the solar panels, and it represented a giant leap in the technology.

    Instead of trying to slice down traditional silicon for their solar panel electrodes, MIT researchers found a way they could instead use organic solar cells for graphene electrodes. Graphene is transparent and flexible, meaning it can be used to develop thinner, more stable and flexible solar panels than the ones we used previously.

    Thin Film Solar Panels

    Current flexible solar panels that most homeowners can get their hands on fall under the category of “thin film panels.”

    A thin film solar panel consists of layers over 300 times smaller than standard silicon solar panels. This makes them thinner and can even make the panels somewhat flexible. They are also lightweight and durable, making them an intriguing option for supplying energy for different needs.


    Although more flexible and suitable for certain projects, the flexible solar panels have a lower efficiency in converting solar energy into useable power than rigid silicon-based panels. This, perhaps, is the most common obstacle faced by the product when it is compared to classic solar panels.

    The efficiency rating for the average polycrystalline or monocrystalline solar panel is about 14-17%. For thin solar panels, the efficiency is reduced slightly to between 11% and 13%.

    The lower efficiency of the flexible panels implies you will need more of them to produce the same amount of energy as traditional solar panels. This can be a barrier to some solar projects, particularly those with limited roof space for installation. Another downside is that they are not a good fit for many home rooftop solar projects, because there may not be enough roof space to produce the desired amount of energy.

    If you have ample space or are just looking for a supplemental energy production boost, then we feel the just slightly lower efficiency can be overlooked — especially when you consider how many benefits these flexible panels yield.


    Flexible solar panels can be used in virtually all applications that one could use conventional panels. You can use them for:

    • Low-cost, off-grid PV systems for cabins and homes
    • Their portability makes them useful on-the-go for boats, RVs, autos, etc.
    • Can be used to charge solar batteries
    • Technology can be incorporated into new solar energy consumer products

    Benefits of Flexible Solar Panels


    The main benefit of a flexible solar panel is its versatility and ability to fit many types of solar projects. For instance, if your home's roof cannot bear the heavy load of traditional solar panels because of structural concerns, then lightweight flexible panels are your solution. Flexible solar panels will not compromise the structural integrity of your home as they can be shaped to fit the surface. They can even be installed easily on unconventional structures, such as carports.

    From a financial standpoint, flexible solar panels require less labor to install, so your cost of installation is likely to be less than it would be if you had used the typically heavy and bulky classic panels that require heavy-duty roof mounting systems.

    The lightweight and versatile nature of these panels make them portable, which is beneficial during transportation. The flexible panels can also be folded and rolled, something that is impossible for conventional, rigid solar panels.

    Typically, solar panels are manufactured using printing machines that capitalize on the roll-to-roll method. This enables rapid, mass production. Manufacturing flexible panels is affordable compared to conventional solar panels. Besides, the material consumption is low and is recyclable after the life cycle ends. The market for organic solar panels is developing. It is expected that the operational life cycle of solar panels in a few years will support many applications.

    Due to their portability and durability, the flexible solar panels are best for smaller solar projects where they may experience wear and tear that would otherwise not occur on stationary roofs. Their durability and reduced weight make them a perfect fit for smaller, mobile solar projects that do not need large amounts of energy, such as on boats or RVs.

    Why Should I Consider Using Flexible Solar Panels?

    solar panel and mobile phone sells many types of flexible solar panels at different prices. Ask yourself if you could benefit from a flexible solar panel based on your energy needs.

    When shopping for a flexible solar panel that will best serve your purposes, look for value for your money. The performance of the solar panel varies according to the quality of the solar cells used, the material used in laminating them and the rigor of the assembly process.

    The following are four things you must consider before purchasing a flexible solar panel:

    • Shorter lifespans
    • Quality and efficiency
    • Product knowledge
    • Durability

    Shorter Lifespans

    Flexible panels have a shorter lifespan than traditional panels. If you need a solar panel that will last a very long time, then the flexible panel may not be your best option. In fact, many of the low-quality flexible solar panels currently on the market will only 1-3 years. Aside from that, the retailer may offer no warranty.

    One decisive factor in determining the lifespan of a flexible solar panel is to check its coating material, which is mostly the preferred ETFE (fluorine-based polymer) or less-preferred PET (polyester-based plastic.) PET-laminated panels are expected to last for 5 years, while ETFE can last up to a decade.

    Quality and Efficiency

    Sunpower’s Maxeon multi-layered cell technology is the best quality solar cell available in the market. It has an efficiency of up to 24.3%, which means the product can provide 35% more power than conventional cells.

    Conventional cells have exposed metal components that can be vulnerable to corrosion. This might be an issue to consider, especially if your home is near salt water. If you are close to a marine environment, then it is best to consider alternative energy sources. If you want energy efficiency, then flexible solar panels are not the best option.

    Product Knowledge

    If you are looking for a flexible solar panel that is an inexpensive method for charging your tablet or phone, go for the PET-laminated panels. While the efficiency is 24%, remember you will get less value for more energy-efficient cells.

    If you are looking for a flexible solar panel for camping, your RV, your boat, your refrigerator, battery, engine starter or the like, then choose ETSE-laminated panels. They are waterproof, fire-resistant, reliable and durable.


    To ensure that your flexible solar panel has a long lifespan, you need to purchase quality panels from the start. You need to know the materials used in producing the panel. Do a little research first.

    Do not buy a solar panel that has any physical damage, such as cracks or scratches, as these will reduce the lifespan and durability of the panel.

    Additionally, you'll get more use and life out of your solar panel if you regularly clean it for optimal performance. Do not let dust or dirt accumulate, because these components can cause damage to your panel.

    And, if you are traveling and do not need to use your flexible solar panel, then it is best to use a protective cover to extend its lifespan.


    solar panels

    Solar panels are made of silicon wafers sliced down to just a few micrometers wide. This makes them ultra-thin and flexible. Flexible solar panels are being improved in drastically in the near future by MIT researchers, who have discovered the applications of organic solar cells for graphene electrodes. These organic solar cell electrodes will lead to panels that are even thinner, more stable and flexible than ever before.

    Current flexible solar panels fall under the category of “thin-film panels,” and are 300 times smaller than standard silicon solar panels, making them more flexible, lightweight and durable. Flexible solar panels fit many types of solar projects, such as supplying power to RVs or boats, or even charging batteries or your phone.

    A flexible solar panel, which is less costly to install than traditional panels, will not compromise the structural integrity of your home. They are lightweight and versatile, making them highly portable and useful during trips. Manufacturing flexible panels is affordable compared to conventional solar panels, and the material used is recyclable after the lifespan of the panel is complete.

    Before buying a solar panel, you need to consider the durability, cells used, quality and efficiency, lamination used and how to improve durability.