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Devon Energy Jobs: Availability, Salaries, & More

When it comes time to find a job, searching for one in a growing industry is always simpler than searching out that rare job in a stagnant industry. If you are on the hunt for a job in the energy industry, there’s good news for you. This industry has been growing at a substantial rate in recent years and Devon Energy has plenty of job offers available to the public.

Specialists with advanced educations are in demand, mid-level technicians are needed to cover the growing needs of the energy sector, as are floor-level workers to provide for the customer service and day-to-day operations of energy companies servicing larger and broader consumer bases.

In this article, we’ll consider a number of Devon Energy jobs from a variety of disciplines for their potential earnings, alongside their requirements.

What Is Devon Energy?

Devon Energy jobs are found within Devon Energy, a leading independent oil and natural gas exploration and production company. The operations of Devon Energy are focused onshore in both the United States and Canada. Since 2011, Devon has more than doubled its onshore North American oil production, leading to the creation of many Devon Energy jobs. The company produces approximately 250,000 barrels of oil daily, and also 1.2 billion cubic feet of natural gas and 100,000 barrels of natural gas liquids each day. Devon is headquartered in Oklahoma City and focused on sustainable expansion.

What Positions Does Devon Energy Hire?

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As stated by Devon Energy, “We employ professionals, champion integrity and perform our jobs in a safe and responsible manner.” The company is in search of talented individuals to contribute to the organization’s ongoing success while supporting its expansion of the business. The company heeds the reality that exceptional work is done by exceptional people, and so they look for the best petro-technical professionals, including engineers and geologists, and other specialties to support their mission.

Following is a presentation of a number of Devon Energy jobs, covering their duties and requirements. As we’ll see, there are a great many positions available through Devon Energy jobs, with the options available spread across a wide array of industries and occupations, each responsible with contributing to the broader success of the organization. This is by no means a comprehensive list, with many more positions available through Devon Energy’s website as well as

Automated Data Specialist

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The primary responsibilities of this position are to define, deploy, and manage solutions dealing with real-time streaming data. To be qualified for this position, a person must have developed and powerful foundational skills and knowledge of data analytics and management, teamwork, and communication skills. They also should be able to effectively execute real-time strategies across multiple business units and domains. A degree in engineering, computer science, business information systems, or math is preferred. Experience with real-time historians and/or automation is strongly preferred, in addition to experience with multiple software systems.

Category Management Professional – Drilling/Completions

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This position, with minimal supervision, performs highly complex tasks that are linked to the management of drilling or completions categories within the company’s Supply Chain Management function. The role is responsible for the creation of supply solutions for capital expense categories, while delivering top quartile value creation through the application of sourcing strategies, execution, compliance with contract terms, and delivering value. A bachelor’s degree in supply chain management, business, engineering, or another related field, as well as 7 years experience in supply chain/procurement, are required.


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The geologist must be capable of performing under minimal supervision, and is responsible for highly complex duties linked to detailed mapping projects in a variety of geographic areas. The geologist is tasked with the undertaking of simulations, including the evaluation of original pool resources in place, the evaluation of current depletion methods, as well as evaluations of enhanced recovery for both oil and gas operations. The geologist also serves as a part of a Reservoir Studies team and interacts with Reservoir engineers. A bachelor’s in geology or geosciences and 8 years of experience is required.


The geophysicist is a leader within Devon Energy jobs who performs not only basic but also highly advanced integrated seismic interpretation in support of the development of new play ideas. The geophysicist is also tasked with evaluating existing plays and drilling unconventional plays throughout Devon Energy’s portfolio. The geophysicist develops “fit for purpose” workflows by working closely with geological, engineering, and land professional staff. A master’s degree in geophysics is preferred, with a minimum of 8 years of related industry experience in geophysical interpretation required.

Oil Marketing Representative

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The oil marketing representative executes the marketing strategy for the geographic/project areas of responsibility. This role is also responsible for the negotiation of complex marketing agreements for sales, gathering, purchasing, transportation, and related services. The oil marketing representative gathers, analyzes, and interprets competitor and market analysis data from which sound business decisions are to be made. A minimum of 5-8 years of industry experience is required, with a preference for a minimum of 3 years of oil marketing-related experience.


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The recruiter is effectively tasked with filling Devon Energy jobs. The recruiter plays a central role in delivering on human resources and talent management strategies. This role is tasked with implementing continuous improvement goals so as to support the ongoing success of Devon Energy by filling Devon Energy jobs with talented persons capable of excelling in their positions. They lead recruiting efforts and programs, provide assistance with inclusion and diversity efforts, alongside broad coordination efforts between departments. A bachelor’s degree is required, preferably in a business discipline, along with 5 years of experience in a recruiting position.

Software Developer

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The software developer works with the business and IT teams of Devon Energy to identify and develop scalable, enterprise-class, c#.NET and Angular 2+, cloud-based solutions for the rapidly changing landscape of both large- and small-scale opportunities. An ideal candidate has a strong foundation in SOLID principles and is capable of working effectively within the context of a development team. Oil and gas experience is a must, preferably in the areas of drilling, completions, geology/geophysics, and production. A bachelor’s degree in computer science or engineering is required, as well as 8 years of related experience.

Solution Architecture Advisor

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Independently perform broad solution design, enterprise architecture, and software development activities. The solution architecture advisor also acts as a technical advisor to teams executing Devon Energy’s most strategic technology projects. The key performance metric of this position is business project success, and the ideal candidate should be highly technical and will be required to “get their hands dirty”. A bachelor’s in engineering, computer science, or an equivalent is required, with 10 years of design and implementation experience.

Tax Accountant

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The tax accountant among Devon Energy jobs is tasked with working under immediate or general supervision to facilitate the U.S. income tax filing requirements of the domestic and international operations of Devon Energy. The role presents a broad set of tax responsibilities, including the preparation of Federal and State income tax returns, depreciation calculations, provision, and other special projects linked to large corporate income tax returns. A bachelor’s or master’s degree in accounting is required, in addition to 1-2 years of experience in income tax (3-5 years are preferred).

Average Salaries for Devon Energy Jobs

As explored above, there are a great many Devon Energy jobs available, with there being no general salary for the company given the breadth of positions therein. Glassdoor does, however, provide salary estimates which are based upon the experiences of actual current or former employees of the company. The following is a list of the occupations explored above and the average median salaries reported by individuals who currently hold or have held the positions explored. Such transparency is important for the job hunter as knowing the earnings potential determines the viability of the job for us.

  • Automated Data Specialist – $44k – $71k (k=1,000)
  • Category Management Professional – Drilling/Completions – $66k – $99k
  • Geologist – $121k – $170k
  • Geophysicist – $76k – $120k
  • Oil Marketing Representative – $74k – $93k
  • Recruiter – $37k – $88k
  • Software Developer – $75k – $119k
  • Solution Architecture Advisor – $90k – $149k
  • Tax Accountant – $56k – $83k


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Of the many energy companies that can be selected for employment opportunities, Devon Energy jobs represent fine choices. The organization appreciates its employees, and their compensation structures are generally highly competitive. If you’re looking to work in a corporate environment in the industry, and you accept one of the Devon Energy Jobs at the corporate offices, plan on moving to Oklahoma City. Beyond the corporate environment, the organization does present a variety of opportunities in the surrounding region’s plants and customer service locations to support the ongoing success of the company.

Devon Energy jobs are well-paying, and extremely diverse, ranging from accounting to geophysics and everywhere in-between. For more articles on jobs in the energy industry, Devon Energy jobs or otherwise, check back to the Energy Job Blog for ongoing updates with more valuable information to guide your search for a job in the energy sector.

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