Emerging Energy Job Markets

Emerging Energy Job Markets

The energy industry is rapidly growing from regulated utilities to independent energy producers and it is because of this why the job market for energy careers is also growing. This is a good thing since there are a lot of people who are in need of a good-paying job. And because of the new publicity that is now going around and becoming popular to students and potential workers, which is the “clean energy industry”, more and more people are getting attracted to the idea of being a part of this positive factor, ergo, the budding workforce of the industry.

Having a career in the energy industry can potentially make one earn more than those who are working in a more common industry and what’s good is that there are a lot of career opportunities to choose from now.

Energy Market Trader

These days, not only does the energy industry need electricians, engineers and the like to be a part of their workforce, they are now also looking for individuals who are highly analytical, coordinated, and have a competitive technical skillset. An energy market trader must possess these things and more in order to deliver the job well.

Billing Analyst

For those who are more inclined with clerical-type jobs, the energy industry also has opportunities for those who would want to be billing analysts. They are the ones responsible for ensuring that all standard accounts are billed accurately and on time. Analyst jobs can be found at the costco application.

Back Office Analyst

Also like a clerical job, a back office analyst may also take over the job of a billing analyst and is also expected to establish processes, procedures and documentation to validate contract and rate compliance and adherence to internal financial controls. A back office analyst is also expected to answer and resolve customer inquiries and billing disputes is there are any, perform analysis on every issue that may arise, to document every issue and every solution given to the client.

Sales Representatives / Account Executive

Just like in any other industry, energy companies also need those people who have good experience with sales and who have the heart for it. The sales representatives are responsible for dealing with the public and making sure that their needs are met and their inquiries are all answered. This is an important job because the sales representative will serve as the face of the company and should be able to perform all demonstration and presentation to the client. The responsibilities of an account executive can be considered the same as that of a sales representative as they make sure that business relationships are cultivated properly. Their tasks also include securing new projects opportunities, sales volume and market share.

Energy Forecast Analyst

As the title implies, energy forecast analyst is a post that is responsible for forecasting the forward price curves for energy and its capacity. A person that would be perfect for this post is one that has strong mathematical and quantitative analysis skills. A bachelor’s degree is required for this kind of career.

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